The Forecast of Bluetooth Speaker Industry Market

- Mar 16, 2019-

The Bluetooth speaker refers to the built-in Bluetooth chip, which replaces the traditional cable-connected audio device with a Bluetooth connection, and is connected to a Bluetooth player such as a mobile phone tablet and a notebook to achieve a convenient and quick purpose. At present, the Bluetooth speaker is mainly portable speaker, the shape is generally small and portable, and the Bluetooth speaker technology is gradually being valued and accepted by consumers with its convenient features. The common Bluetooth speakers on the market are mostly mono speakers (single speaker unit) ), there are also some multi-channel speakers (two or more speaker units) with excellent sound quality.

Bluetooth is a low-cost, high-capacity, short-range wireless communication specification. A Bluetooth laptop is a laptop with Bluetooth wireless communication.

With the popularity of Bluetooth chips in China and the popularity of smart phones, Bluetooth speakers are increasingly favored by the market, and gradually become one of the electronic products that many consumers are loyal to. With the market demand, the output of Bluetooth speakers in China is growing. Rapidly, in 2014, the output of Bluetooth speakers in China was 9,018,700 units, and by 2016 it has grown to nearly 20 million units, and there is still a trend of continued growth.

At present, the domestic Bluetooth speaker industry has low barriers to entry and low technical requirements, resulting in chaotic market and scattered concentration. However, it is undeniable that under this circumstance, the number of enterprises entering the industry is extremely large, so in the future, China will be driven by interests. The number of enterprises in the Bluetooth speaker industry is still showing a rapid upward trend, driving the output supply of the industry to rise. It is estimated that by 2022, the output of the Bluetooth speaker industry in China will exceed 60 million units.



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