The Feedback in the Amplifier

- Sep 18, 2018-

Feedback is a common phenomenon in amplifiers. The so-called feedback refers to the phenomenon that a part of the output signal of the amplifier is returned to its input terminal. If the feedback signal is in phase with the input signal of the amplifier, it is called positive feedback. Positive feedback is often used in the oscillating circuit to generate various oscillating signals to meet the needs of various circuits. However, the positive feedback phenomenon should be avoided in the sound reinforcement system because it shows howling, destroying the sound reinforcement effect, and easily burning the power amplifier or the speaker system. If the feedback signal is in phase opposition to the amplifier's input signal, then this feedback is referred to as negative feedback. A negative feedback circuit is commonly used in amplifiers to improve the stability of the amplifier amplification and reduce the distortion of the acoustic signal.



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