The Features of Video Conferencing System

- Aug 21, 2018-

The video conferencing system is a specific application of multimedia technology in remote real-time interaction, and has the following main features:

1. Real-time interaction. The most notable feature of the video conferencing system is remote real-time interaction, which enables face-to-face communication between airspace through the network, that is, real-time and two-way video and audio data transmission.

2. More exchanges. The video conferencing system can complete the synthesis and distribution of sound and images through a multi-point control unit (MCU). It has a real-time and two-way video conferencing system, which can connect multiple sub-sites and communicate with each other at the same time. It can support 3 to The implementation of tens of points of video conferencing has a relatively large relationship with the operating environment of the network.

3. Multi-streaming. In modern conferences and teaching exchanges, the sharing of various data and the use of other media are becoming more and more frequent, and gradually become an important auxiliary means for meetings and teaching. Therefore, in addition to general video and audio signals, the video conferencing system also has the capability of synchronously transmitting VGA signals, electronic whiteboard signals, and other multimedia signals output by experimental devices, thereby realizing real-time interaction and sharing of multimedia data.

4. Safe and reliable. The video conferencing system adopts embedded and industrial-grade hardware architecture, which effectively avoids the invasion of viruses and hackers. Through the technical processing of video and audio data, it can automatically adapt to different network operating environments, thus achieving clear and smooth "face-to-face" communication. .

5. Easy to operate. The more mature video conferencing system adopts a scientific human-machine communication interface, which can control the system conveniently and quickly through various methods such as remote control and touch screen, and has high usability.



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