The Features of the Open Type Speaker

- Jul 16, 2018-

Open the front or rear of the speaker to make the air in the cavity circulate with the outside world, which becomes an open speaker. But instead of simply burrowing holes in the speakers, a tube or a partition is added to the holes, mainly by letting the sound waves in the cavity propagate through a certain distance, and the phase of the sound waves in the cavity emitted from the holes is directly emitted from the front end. The sound waves are consistent, so that the acoustic short circuit can be avoided, and the energy of the back radiated sound wave in the resonant frequency band can be fully utilized. Through the mutual coupling of the chamber air resonance and the speaker resonance, the resonance energy of the speaker is radiated to the utmost, thereby improving the low frequency sound pressure and broadening the low frequency response. Since the resonance energy of the speaker is radiated from the opening by the invisible air spring, the load of the diaphragm is increased, and the vibration of the diaphragm in the resonance frequency band is effectively suppressed, thereby reducing the generation of the induced potential of the speaker. The distortion is significantly reduced and the power consumption of the woofer can be greatly increased.



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