The Features of the Mini-speaker

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. The scale is compact, convenient to bring, cool shape, trendy and trendy, personalized color matching, fresh and natural. The largest standard is no more than football, and the smallest is the size of an egg.

2. Set power amplifier, battery, dual speakers in one, the founding patent technology "retractable expansion of the consensus cavity", to solve the narrow speaker consensus cavity narrow problem, breaking the standard limit of speaker appearance for decades, tightening to the limit.

3. Do not need a long audio cable, do not need an external power supply, whether it is the fresh rhythm of the mountains and rivers, still the enthusiasm of the DJ dance music, can be fully displayed.

4. The plan is simple and clear, and the use is convenient. Powered by USB standard interface and audio input, the driverless USB interface is plug and play, fully compatible with WINDOW 95 98 ME 2000 and XP operating system. With 3. 5mm stereo frequency input interface to connect notebook, desktop PC, mobile phone, PSP, Walkman, MD, Mp3, handheld computer, PDA, Mp4, repeater, iPod, mobile phone.

5. Mini speakers only need to connect with laptops, mobile phones and other equipment, without the power supply, you can broadcast beautiful music. Some speakers have a large-capacity lithium battery inside, and the product can broadcast 5-8 hours of music. The dual power mode is more durable.

6. Portable function is suitable for field sports explorers, casuals, bicycle field sports, also suitable for computer amplification, as a computer small speaker. In general, the mini speaker has a long sounding time, and the external speaker sounds loud. Unlike the traditional MP3, the earplugs and the eardrum are damaged. Now more and more people like it, especially the sports small speakers, bicycles audio and so on.



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