The Features of Synchronization Recording

- Sep 25, 2018-

The sounds in film and television works include language, music, animation, environmental sound, etc. The picture and sound are the two basic factors that constitute the film and television art works. The biggest feature of synchronization recording of film and television is that it can capture the rich and sincere language emotions of live performances. Based on the advantages of synchronization recording of film and television, it has been more and more applied to the creation of film art.

Movies and sounds can be completely synchronized. The synchronization recording of the film and television is a recording synchronized with the filming scene. The synchronization recordings include the actors' dialogues and even the recordings of the live environment sounds, which will be placed on the same video tape as the shooting images. The biggest feature of synchronization recording of film and television is that the sound and the picture are two lines with different trajectories, but in the later stage, the effect of complete synchronization can be achieved. The actor's performance and the dialogue's mouth shape will not be misplaced and inconsistent, and the audience will not watch it. There is no jumping when the audience is watching; this is the biggest advantage of synchronization recording.

The synchronization recording of the film and television sounds more clean, real and vivid than the sound in the later studio. To some extent, simultaneous recordings of movies and television may have a sound that is not cleaned in the studio. However, it is difficult for the late dubbing to present the real, natural and vivid distinctive features of the synchronization recordings on the sound.

At the same time, many wonderful spoken words in film and television dramas are a kind of real exposed emotions expressed by actors in a specific environment. They come from the scene, and may be the free play of actors, and the feelings are so strong that it is difficult to present them again. At the same time, the filming environment of the film and television includes a variety of different sounds, which are not simulated in the studio. Therefore, the synchronization recording has its own characteristics and advantages.



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