The Features of Speech Synthesis Technology

- Aug 01, 2018-

1. Natural Degree

Naturalness is an important issue that needs to be addressed in speech synthesis technology. Speech synthesis technology is currently able to accurately express words, phrases, and simple sentences. However, for large passages or chapters, there is a problem of poor naturalness. Improving naturalness requires in-depth research from linguistics and requires breakthroughs in natural language understanding.

2. Clarity

Sharpness is an important factor in voice quality. The commonly used speech synthesis technology has effectively solved the problem of sharpness, especially using the voice database technology, and the sound is derived from natural sound, so the definition is strongly guaranteed.

3. Expressiveness

Expressiveness is the development goal of speech synthesis technology. The current speech synthesis technology can realize the conversion of written language into spoken language output in a reading style, but it cannot give emotional color. Need to enhance the expressive power of synthetic speech. Only through the understanding of natural language, the effective control of the rhythm of the output speech and the adjustment of tone and tonality can make the speech synthesis technology more vital.

4. Complexity

In order to improve the quality of speech synthesis, in addition to studying linguistics, it is necessary to solve many technical problems related to it, such as disk storage technology, data compression technology, database technology and so on. These problems greatly increase the complexity of speech synthesis technology. In addition, the need for multiple syntactic syntheses adds a certain degree of complexity to speech synthesis technology.



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