The Features of Campus Broadcast System

- Sep 07, 2018-

1. Single cable transmission, using an existing closed-circuit television line to realize all signal transmission and automatic management control.

2. Unique arbitrary partition function, which can realize independent control and any combination of multiple areas.

3. Each point can be independently addressed, can achieve point-to-point control, control the channel of any grade or any class speaker, and can be independently switched or fully open.

4. The system capacity is infinite: the receiving device is not limited by the number; you can increase it at will.

5. You can use this system to achieve the need for automatic management of campus lighting, to achieve timed switch campus lighting.

6. Powerful channel management: users can play 4, 6, and 8 channels simultaneously according to the actual multiple sets of programs.

7. The sound quality is beautiful: FM audio range is 30HZ-15KHZ, the distortion is small, generally 0.7%; and the constant pressure broadcast system audio range is 200HZ-12KHZ, the distortion is 10%.

8. Support a variety of popular audio formats: such as MP3, MPG, DAT, WAV, MID, AVI, etc., can record and play a variety of external media sources (such as CD, VCD, deck, radio, microphone, etc.).

9. Timed broadcast: Users can compile the program list of each channel for one week according to their needs. The program can be arbitrarily programmed and controlled according to the broadcast content, broadcast time and play area. The computer can automatically play according to the program list to realize unattended and play. The front system automatically turns on the power of the FM speakers in the corresponding area, and the delay is automatically turned off after the playback is completed. The user can also modify the play program list in time during the scheduled play, and the modification will take effect immediately.

10. Strong anti-interference ability: FM radio is ultra-short wave, which is not easily affected by external radio waves, and the characteristics of FM radio itself use compression technology to filter out interference.

11. Random insertion: During the playback process, the user can stop the scheduled play at any time and insert other programs at random. After the insertion, the system will continue to play according to the program list.

12. The control software is powerful, the interface is user-friendly, and the operation is simple and easy to learn.

13. The terminal speaker can remotely select the playback channel and remotely adjust the playback volume.

14. The system can decentralize the control center. The teacher can play his own program content without going to the central computer room, which greatly facilitates the teacher's preparation process. The initiative was handed over to the teacher himself, greatly improving the utilization of the system.



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