The Features of Boundary Microphone

- Jul 23, 2018-

(1) The frequency response is wide and straight, and there is no comb filter effect - since it does not have phase interference between the direct sound and the reflected sound;

(2) The sensitivity is improved by 6dB - the direct sound and the reflected sound are added in phase;

(3) High signal to noise ratio - it has high sensitivity and low noise floor;

(4) When the sound source moves, the sound quality is not affected - the direct sound and the reflected sound are equal, so the sound quality is independent of the direction and height of the sound source;

(5) Non-axis external sounding - The size of the ordinary microphone is large. When the size is comparable to the wavelength of the axial incident sound wave, the sound pressure acting on the diaphragm will rise. However, the size of the interface microphone is small, so there is no increase in sound pressure. In addition, since the sound waves entering the microphone from all directions pass through a small radially symmetric slit, there is no off-axis acoustic dyeing;

(6) Has a hemispherical directivity pattern - the interface microphone has the same sensitivity to sound waves from all directions on the reflector;

(7) Better sense of presence and space – The interface microphone can pick up the reflections from walls, floors and ceilings with high fidelity, clearly reflecting the size and natural characteristics of the room. It maintains the natural characteristics of transient and continuous sounds, and responds equally to the free and diffuse sound fields, thus giving the audience an immersive feel.

The above features of the interface microphone make it suitable for the pickup of the stage performance. The microphone placed on the floor can not only effectively pick up the sound of the entire stage space, but also avoid the damage to the TV picture caused by the use of the microphone bracket. In the desktop conference, the characteristics of the interface microphone also bring a lot of convenience to the pickup.



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