The Essential Functions of Home Theater Amplifier

- Sep 13, 2018-

1. Dolby Atmos

Movies with Dolby Atmos are able to bring a full range of sound experiences to viewers by adding channels from the top of the head. Do you want to experience the immersive "ambience"? Then a cinema amplifier with Dolby panoramic sound decoding is essential.

2. WiFi wireless network

In recent years, the development trend is that while the power amplifier is enhancing the decoding function, more attention is paid to the operability of the power amplifier and the discovery of the music playing function, which largely depends on the addition of the network function to the power amplifier. Internet radio, DLNA, Air-Play, online streaming audio services, mobile music playback, NAS HD audio playback, mobile / tablet remote control, all rely on network implementation.

3. HDCP 2.2

This is another feature that is closely related to the playback of high-definition movies, so that you can watch movies that have copy-protected copyright protection. Although HDCP 2.2 is not a lot of playback devices, it is the most deadly and attractive one - 4K source.

As we all know, the most lacking of the 4K film ecosystem is the original 4K film source. It is impossible for anyone to stare at several 4K demos and watch them repeatedly. Sony, which is a film-content provider itself, has cooperated with China Digital Media to launch a native 4K content player. This player just needs to support HDCP 2.2 devices to connect with it if you want to watch it freely. 4K movies, then HDCP 2.2 is particularly important.

4. HDMI 2.0

The main improvement of HDMI 2.0 compared to version 1.4 is simple: double the bandwidth to increase the maximum refresh rate from 4K/30Hz to 4K/60Hz.

5. Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth audio is an important feature for amplifiers. Get rid of the shackles of the cable, sit on the sofa and choose to play any music you like, and fully express the details in the music through the home theater system.

6. Hi-Res HD audio playback

If your amp doesn't currently support Hi-Res format audio, then you can't play happily with other friends. The data volume is up to six times that of the CD, and the data precision of up to 192 kHz/24-bit can be FLAC, WAV, DSD and other file formats, far exceeding the 20 kHz infinitely extended high frequency band. Without it, how do you play high quality audio formats?



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