The Effect of Sense of Space on Recording

- Oct 09, 2018-

In practical applications, we often encounter a lot of sounds that are not reasonable enough, or subject to the limitations of the venue, resulting in an imbalance in the overall volume. It is not possible to use only a single-point stereo microphone to pick up the sound. This requires an auxiliary microphone. That is, a separate microphone pickup is added for the group with insufficient volume, and the obtained signal is superimposed with the main microphone pickup acquisition signal.

However, if the auxiliary microphone picks up the signal without any processing and superimposes the signal picked up by the main microphone, there will be a problem, that is, it sounds on a plane, only the sense of position, no front and rear stereo feeling, can't talk about stereo in the true sense. The reason for this is that we ignore the fact that the sound of the same object is transmitted to the main microphone and the distance to the auxiliary microphone is different, so the time is not the same, thus creating a time difference. The depth of the sound image is mainly determined by the slight delay caused by the rear object due to the long distance and the different reverberation generated by the difference of the front and rear positions. After finding the crux of the problem, you can prescribe the right medicine. As long as we calculate the time difference of the actual sound according to the distance difference between the sounding object and the microphone, and then delay the signal picked up by the auxiliary microphone for a corresponding time, a better depth positioning can be obtained.



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