The Effect Of Noise On Clarity

- Jun 19, 2018-

The noise encountered in the karaoke hall is mainly electric noise and environmental noise. Electrical noise can be divided into thermal noise, AC noise, induced noise, and the noise floor of recording media. However, in recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology, the emergence of new digital recording methods and the large number of imported equipment with excellent performance, The thermal noise in electrical noise and the noise floor in recording media have become less noticeable, so electrical noise is mainly due to shielding and grounding defects in the wiring, which are caused by AC noise and inductive noise, which can be improved by the wiring process or the use of noise. The door is inhibited. So here we focus on the impact of environmental noise on sharpness.

The existence of noise will cause people's hearing loss to the target sound, ie the so-called "masking phenomenon", which depends not only on the sound pressure level of the noise, but also closely related to its frequency component and frequency spectrum distribution. Simply put, there are mainly the following characteristics:

1, low-frequency sound, especially when the loudness is quite large, will produce a more obvious masking effect on high-frequency sound.

2. High-frequency sounds have only a small masking effect on low-frequency sounds.

3. The closer the frequency of the masking sound and the masked sound, the greater the masking effect. When their frequencies are the same, the masking effect of one sound against the other sound is maximized.



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