The Differences Between Wireless Bridge and Microwave Transmission

- Aug 13, 2018-

1. From the frequency above, the wireless bridge is only applied to two frequency bands. One is 2.4G and the other is 5.8G. The microwave product frequency band we mentioned is more, and the microwave refers to the frequency within the range of 300MHz-300GHz. Radio waves. In fact, this wireless bridge is also in the microwave range; just give it a good name.

2. The transmission distance is different, the transmission distance of the wireless bridge is very short, generally 3-5 kilometers away, and the distance of microwave product transmission is relatively long, this needs to be determined according to the actual situation, Generally, when designing a hop link, it needs to be surveyed or tested in advance. For example, there are 30 kilometers, 50 kilometers, and a short 1 kilometer. This is based on the size of the antenna and the frequency band you choose. .

3. The diffractive function is different. The microwave has basically no diffractive function. The higher the frequency is, the weaker the diffractive function. Therefore, in our microwave engineering case, a microwave repeater is needed at a very long distance. It is the microwave relay. Here, when it comes to the diffraction function, the 2.4G wireless bridge has a certain diffraction function. For example, if you put a wireless bridge in one room, you can receive the signal in another room. The signal is only attenuated a bit. The microwave we mentioned needs a direct view, that is, a short distance can be seen by our naked eyes, or can be seen by a long distance through certain instruments, such as can be seen through a telescope.

4. The use is different, the use is basically the same, can transmit video, audio and data signals, but the 2.4G wireless bridge can be used alone, as a wireless AP to achieve wireless signal transmission. Microwaves do not have this feature.



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