The Difference Between Tube Amps and Transistor Amps

- Nov 12, 2018-

The electroacoustic technical indicators (mainly static indicators) of transistors (including discrete device circuits and integrated circuits) have significantly exceeded that of tube amps, but in fact the sound quality of transistor amps is not as good as that of tubes, and the sound is always harder, especially high frequency spurs. Dry, there is a kind of "transistor sound" or "metal sound." This is a long-standing dispute in the audio field for decades, and it has been basically clarified.

The power reserve required for tube amps and transistor amps is very different, and the latter requires a large amount of reserve power. The overload curve of the tube is relatively flat, and the nonlinear distortion of the transistor after the overload point is increased rapidly, and the signal is severely clipped. In other words, for power amplifiers of the same power, the tube amp can guarantee the sound quality of playback, and the sound quality of the transistor amp is inferior.



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