The Difference Between Monitor Earphones and Normal Earphones

- Aug 15, 2018-

The reduction degree of sound and the fidelity is different:

Compared to ordinary headphones, the monitor headphones have almost no sound rendering, and are not headphones that have no sound at all. Because the monitor earphone has the characteristics of wide frequency response and high speed, the monitor earphone greatly improves the sound reproduction degree and enhances the fidelity of the sound. Ordinary headphones are usually adorned with sounds to make the sound more pleasant.

The sound quality of the bass and mid-high is different:

In terms of ten-point system, the bass audio of the monitor headphones can reach full marks, and the middle and high notes are 9.9 points. The high frequency is high and not sharp, the intermediate frequency is thorough and sound resistant, and the low frequency is powerful. For example, when you use the monitor headphones to listen to the song, even the singer's ventilating sound can be heard clearly. Ordinary earphones extend the middle and low-pitched parts to minimize the sound of the singer's ventilation, and polish the sounds to make the sound more perfect.

The sealing is different:

The airtightness of the monitor headphones is better than that of ordinary headphones. Effectively isolates the external noise, and hears clear and accurate language, and the sound insulation is excellent. The general airtightness of the earphones is general, and occasionally there will be leakage and external noise entering.

The uses are different:

The monitor headphones are widely used for on-site return, downmix monitoring, broadcast monitoring, sound reinforcement monitoring, and dedicated monitoring due to the fidelity of the sound, excellent sound insulation, low sound sensitivity and low impedance, and good sealing performance. Ordinary earphones are generally used for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, etc. because they are rendered by sound.

Headphones are worn with different degrees of comfort:

In order to ensure good airtightness, the monitor earphones generally use a durable material, so the wearing comfort is general; the ordinary earphones are small in size, and are generally lighter and more comfortable to wear than the monitor headphones. Of course, there is no absolute limit. It is also different from person to person.



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