The Difference Between DSP and DSP Amplifier

- Oct 26, 2018-

DSP: DSP is used for tuning, adjusting EQ, delay, frequency cutting, and frequency division. EQ is used to debug the style. For the defects of the speaker, it can be repaired to a certain extent. For example, the treble is too bright and can reduce the brightness. The delay is used to make the sound field, mainly the restoration of the stage effect, so that you can hear the distribution of the instruments on the stage and the position of the person. The frequency is used for the active system. The frequency bandwidth allocated by each speaker is different. It is necessary to cut the frequency and give the high-pitched part to the tweeter and the bass part to the woofer. If you give the bass frequency to the tweeter, the tweeter will burn out. The frequency division is to allocate the frequency bandwidth, and the above-mentioned cut frequency bandwidth is allocated to different power amplifier channels for amplification and then to the speaker.

DSP power amplifier: The DSP power amplifier integrates the power amplifier module on the basis of the original DSP, and sends the signal after processing to the power amplifier module to amplify the signal, and the amplified signal is directly sent to the speaker.



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