The Difference Between A Telephone Receiver and A Loudspeaker

- Aug 14, 2018-

The telephone receiver is a kind of accessory that transmits sound through communication tools such as telephones, walkie-talkies, and mobile phones. It is a kind of loudspeaker, but it is generally not called a loudspeaker.

There is a small film inside the microphone and the telephone receiver. The film in the microphone acts as a tympanic membrane in the human ear. When you talk to it, the film will vibrate, the film is connected with a small coil, and there is a small piece of fixed permanent magnet in the microphone. . The film is elastic and generally acts both as a vibration and as a function of pulling the coil back to its original position. The film is attached to the microphone housing at one end and to the coil at one end.

When the film vibrates, the coil is vibrated, and the relative position of the coil and the permanent magnet changes, which causes the magnetic field passing through the coil to change. When the magnetic field changes, an induced electromotive force is generated in the coil, and a current is generated. Specific sounds have specific vibrations, and specific vibrations produce a specific form of current. So the microphone "codes" the sound into a form of current.

The principle of the telephone receiver is probably the reverse process of the microphone, and the structure is almost the same. There is also a film in the telephone receiver, the film is connected to a coil, and there is also a permanent magnet. A specific form of current flows through the coil of the telephone receiver, which causes the magnetic field generated by the coil to change, so that the magnetic force between the permanent magnet and the coil changes, and the distance between the permanent magnet and the coil changes. This drives the film to vibrate and make a sound.

A loudspeaker is a transducing device that converts an electrical signal into an acoustic signal. The performance of the loudspeaker has a great influence on the sound quality. The loudspeaker is one of the weakest devices in audio equipment, and it is the most important component for sound effects. There are many different types of loudspeakers, and the prices vary greatly. Audio power passes through electromagnetic, piezoelectric or electrostatic effects, causing the cone or diaphragm to vibrate and resonate with the surrounding air to produce sound.



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