The Difference Between A Pickup and A Microphone

- Oct 12, 2018-

The pickup is also called the "monitor head". The monitor pickup is a device for collecting the sound of the live environment and then transmitting it to the backend device. It is composed of a microphone and an audio amplifier circuit.

Pickups are generally divided into digital pickups and analog pickups. Sound pickups are sound sensing devices that convert analog audio signals into digital signals and perform corresponding digital signal processing through digital signal processing systems. The analog pickup simply uses a general analog circuit to amplify the sound collected by the microphone.

The pickup has three-wire and four-wire systems; the three-wire pickup generally has a red positive for the power supply, white for the audio positive, and black for the signal and the negative of the power supply (common ground). Four-wire pickups generally represent the positive pole of the power supply, white represents the positive pole of the audio, and the negative pole of the audio and the negative pole of the power supply are separated. Pickup products are generally divided into active and passive types; vocal guitars and monitoring pickups are classified by performance.

Microphone, also known as "microphone", is an electroacoustic device, which is a microphone. It is a transducer for acoustic-electrical conversion. It generates a voltage through the action of sound waves on the electro-acoustic component, and then turns it into electric energy for use in various sound-amplifying devices. There are many kinds of microphones, the circuit is simple, and the analysis microphone circuit mainly masters two points:

(1) Perform signal analysis for signal transmission, that is, analyze various microphone input jack circuits.

(2) Analysis of the microphone signal amplifier, the microphone amplifier is a small signal low noise audio amplifier that analyzes the microphone level control circuit.

Since they are all audio capture devices, what are the advantages of pickups and microphones?

1. Sensitivity

In general, surveillance pickups are highly sensitive sound collection devices, while microphones are low-sensitivity. Because of the different occasions, the surveillance pickups are designed to be highly sensitive and capture the subtle sounds of the scene, while the microphones are low-sensitivity and require close proximity to the sound source to pick up the sound.

2. Directionality

Surveillance pickups are mostly omnidirectional and the microphones are directional. Because the monitoring pickup needs to collect the sound of the entire monitoring space, it is often set to be omnidirectional.

3. The circuit

Although the monitor pickup and the microphone are both a circuit for rotating the sound, the built-in amplifier circuit of the monitor pickup can directly drive the active sound, and most of the microphones need to pass through the power amplifier to play the sound.

4. The output port

The monitor pickup must pay attention to the port when accessing the memory or audio. General monitoring pickups must be connected to the Audio In or Line In ports. The microphone is connected to the Mic In input port.



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