The Development of Wireless Headphones

- Jul 30, 2018-

1. FM wireless headsets

FM is an abbreviation for English frequency modulation, referred to as FM. The wireless earphone with FM technology appears earlier. The principle is to transmit the audio signal through the FM transmitter, and install the FM receiving circuit in the earphone, which can both listen to the unique signal source and listen to the FM radio headphones. Since FM technology was originally used for radio station broadcasting, it is suitable for long-distance, large-area reception, but its sampling rate of up to 22 KHz is called "radio sound quality", so FM wireless headphones have poor sound quality and confidentiality and susceptible to interference. Also because FM technology is mainly used for one-way transmission, FM wireless headphones cannot integrate wireless microphones. These features make FM wireless technology commonly used in low-end earphone products, which are very inexpensive and widely used in foreign language listening training, foreign language listening tests, and simultaneous translation.

2. Infrared wireless headphones

Infrared light belongs to light waves. Except for strong light, there are few transmissions that can affect infrared wireless. Therefore, it has good stability and is widely used in various remote controllers, wireless mice and early mobile phones. The biggest advantage of infrared wireless technology is bandwidth, which means that audio products using infrared wireless technology can transmit large-capacity signals with good sound quality.

3. 2.4 GHz wireless headsets

2.4 GHz wireless technology headsets use the 2.4 GHz band wireless carrier technology and P2P communication protocol. From the aspect of transmission rate, in theory, the audio transmission rate of "CD-level sound quality" needs to reach about 1.4 Mh/s, and the current 2.4 GHz wireless transmission method using P2P protocol can reach 2 Mh/s, so it can basically reach Non-destructive transmission requirements, as well as the ability to integrate wireless microphones for two-way operation.

4. Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth technology is also a wireless transmission protocol based on 2.4 GHz technology. Because of the different protocols used, it is called Bluetooth technology unlike other 2.4 GHz technologies. At present, the most widely used Bluetooth technology is the Bluetooth headset. Since most mobile phones, laptops, and MP3s are integrated with Bluetooth, the use of Bluetooth wireless headsets does not require a transmitter to be set up in most cases, resulting in lower user costs. Secondly, the Bluetooth headset has good confidentiality. This is because the frequency characteristics of 2.4 GHz are determined, so that headphones made with Bluetooth technology are not prone to frequency hopping or eavesdropping.

5. Kleer wireless headsets

Kleer lossless digital transmission technology is based on a 2.4 GHz transmission frequency communication technology that uses a subsampled radio wave structure to ensure lossless CD quality digital stereo audio over a reliable 2.4 GHz frequency. Kleer technology's KLR3012 RF audio module can transmit data over a distance of more than 10m at 2.4 Mb/s through the 2.4 GHz band, with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, a distortion rate of less than 0.1%, and a very low transmission delay. Therefore, the music file can be guaranteed to be high fidelity and lossless. Kleer does not need to be paired before use. A transmitter can be simultaneously transmitted to four Kleer playback devices, consuming only 1/5 to 1/10 of Bluetooth. Kleer's lossless digital transmission headphones don't have the feeling that the sound of Bluetooth is compressed, but the overall feeling is translucent, clear and resolving. The disadvantage of Kleer's lossless digital transmission technology is that the cost is too high. Because the technology is unique to SMSC, it is much higher in patent fees and R&D expenses, making it more difficult to popularize.



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