The Design of KTV Microphone Core

- Jul 23, 2018-

The quality of the KTV microphone depends mainly on the microphone core inside, and generally adopts a moving coil type microphone core. The cheap microphone uses inferior microphone core, the directivity is not good, the frequency response peaks and valleys are sharp, and the sound emitted by the speaker forms a resonance point with the microphone and is amplified by the sound to generate noise.

The fixing body of the KTV moving coil microphone core is provided with an installation space, and a central portion of the bottom surface of the housing provided with the magnet is provided with a central axis, and a central end of the central shaft is provided with a venting hole. The bottom end of the venting hole is provided with a soundproofing piece, and the ring of the setting space is provided with more than one venting hole. The alignment of the structural magnet of the utility model is simple and accurate, which increases the air permeability of the through hole of the microphone core, reduces the back-receiving sound during use, and does not cause screaming sound. KTV microphone cores are manufactured with high-quality accessories. The microphone core is powerful, the intermediate frequency is full, the high frequency is clear, and the pickup sensitivity is good.

The sound quality of KTV microphone core can be reflected in the bass, midrange and treble. Different products have different low, medium and high performances. Some have high trebles, weak bass, some basses, and midranges. When you judge the sound quality, you can sing a pure music. When the sound is loud, you won't have a broken sound or a slight rustling burr. You can think that the treble is good. Singing a pop music to listen to the sound of a song, there is no feeling of embarrassment, and then you can think that the midrange performance is good. When you sing a rock music song, you can't have a sound like a thundering summer, so you can think that the bass is doing well.

KTV microphone core is not only high in sound quality but also higher in electrical performance, especially in the working current of the microphone. Reasonable design parameters for sensitivity are important. In particular, directional super-heart type, maximum sound pressure, signal-to-noise ratio, etc. according to different product requirements, different site requirements, combined design.



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