The Definition of Performance Microphone

- Jul 23, 2018-

We can judge whether the microphone is suitable or not by the structure of the microphone and the directivity. The performance of the performance microphone has the following characteristics:

1. The microphone can accurately record high-quality vocal performances or musical performances, which can help you get the best results from live performances.

2. Ringing is a perception of the microphone's ability to hear sound from low to high frequencies. The maximum range of sound frequencies that can be felt in the ear is 20HZ-20KHZ. Therefore an ideal microphone should also be able to respond to sounds in the 20HZ-20KHZ range. A reasonable value for the actual microphone frequency response is 50HZ-15KHZ. The performance of the microphone for the performance microphone is not the same. Microphones used to perform pickups do not need to respond to sounds below 100Hz.

3. The performance microphone covers the sound of various frequencies in the entire frequency range of the useful sound to respond uniformly, but it is difficult to uniformly respond to the sound of various frequencies within the response range of the microphone by the physical structure. There are high-response peak regions and low-sounding valleys on the frequency response line. The ideal frequency response curve is flat and it suddenly drops straight at the limit response point at both ends of the curve. The response peak in the range of 1KHZ-5KHZ is conducive to increasing the clarity and brightness of the singing voice.

4. The performance environment is very complicated. The microphone adopts super-heart type: this feature has the same effect as the 90-degree incident angle on the back side, and the front sensitivity is extremely high. The sensitivity in other directions is sharply attenuated, especially suitable for high noise environments and stereo pickup.



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