The Correct Use of the Speaker

- Jul 20, 2018-

(1) Correctly select the type of speaker. When used outdoors, electric horn loudspeakers should be used; for indoor use, electric paper cone speakers should be used, and the helper box should be selected; when it is required to restore high fidelity sound, high quality combination speakers should be used.

(2) The power obtained by the speaker in the circuit should not exceed its rated power, otherwise the voice coil will be burned or the voice coil will be dissipated.

(3) Note that the impedance of the speaker should match the output impedance of the amplifier to avoid damage to the speaker or amplifier.

(4) When using the electric horn type speaker, the vocal head must be placed on the urging cylinder and then energized; otherwise the pronunciation head will be easily damaged.

(5) When two or more speakers are used together, attention must be paid to the phase problem. If inverted, the sound will be significantly weakened. When setting up the stereo speakers, it is more important to pay attention to the phase.

(6) When using the stereo playback system, the two speakers should be separated by an appropriate distance, and the distance between the two speakers should be equal to the length of the speaker to the middle of the listener.



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