The Control Skills of Noise Gate

- Oct 26, 2018-

1. What is a noise gate: In recording and rock music, to prevent crosstalk between microphones, in order to capture the best sound, the microphone model selected between various drums and drums is different; one microphone only wants to pick this one. The sound of the drum, instead of picking up other drum sounds around it, so that its sound is pure, there is no other instrument sound, and it is easy to adjust the control. There is no following sound (that is, the sound of other instruments brought), if the sound of other instruments also enters this microphone, because the angle and position are not optimal, the tone is not optimal, which affects the sound structure and sound quality of the microphone. Because other instruments are on the side and back of the microphone, the frequency characteristics are not perfect. The tuner was in a normally open state for fear of forgetting to open the singer's microphone and installing a noise door. The reporter’s general conversation was not heard and was only heard when the report was made. At the international conference table, there are several microphones installed, each person can speak, others can hear it, but when speaking with the translator or the staff next to it, do not want the sound to enter the microphone, and this can be achieved by installing the noise door. . In addition, a lot of microphones were installed in the conference, the total volume of the system increased a lot, and it is easy to generate feedback, in order to eliminate these unnecessary feedbacks, install noise gates.

2. Noise Gate Principle: The noise gate is actually an electronic gate circuit whose threshold can be adjusted. When the input signal level of the circuit exceeds the threshold, the circuit is turned on. Its characteristics are as follows: 1) The circuit starts fast, some of the tonal characteristics of the tone are quickly established, and the steady state is entered, so the circuit is more sensitive and does not make The tone produces distortion of the starting characteristics. 2) There is a delay when closing the door, there is a natural attenuation when the sound is closed, giving a comfortable feeling. The noise door is activated quickly, and the control start time button is also available, and the decay time is also controllable and adjustable.

3. Operation of the noise gate: Connect the pickup microphone to the noise gate input end, connect the output terminal of the noise gate to the line input of a certain channel of the mixer, the interface (Line), or use the “Insert” of the mixer. The three-terminal interface allows the noise gate to be connected across a channel of the mixer. In use, it is mainly to adjust the threshold of the noise gate, that is, to select the threshold level value. The background noise level and the level of other instruments (the sound that does not need to enter the microphone) can be controlled below the threshold by the actual operation of the on-site courtyard, and the instrument signal level of the desired pickup can be controlled above the threshold, such as I want to hear the sound effect after the noise gate is processed. It can be switched by the bypass key to verify the different sound effects of passing the noise gate and switching the noise gate. The noise gate also has a choice of release time. Choosing the right time will make the processing of the audio signal have a transition time zone, making the sound appear natural.



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