The Considerations of Feedback Suppressor Debugging

- Jul 18, 2018-

1. When using the microphone for feedback point suppression, it is best to find a few frequently used microphones, and constantly change the position of the microphone during adjustment. You can also put a little background music or speak some words to the microphone during adjustment. This makes the sound field more active, which is more conducive to finding the acoustic feedback frequency accurately and quickly.

2. If there is a pressure limiter in the system, pay attention to the straight through the pressure limiter, and then resume after the adjustment. Other audio processing devices in the system, such as equalizers, exciters, frequency dividers, and effects, must be adjusted to normal working conditions and cannot be directly connected.

3. Pay attention to the detection of the resolution of the music suppressor and the microphone feedback signal used by the feedback suppressor used in the system. The detection method is: turn off all the microphones, and connect the feedback suppressor in any channel with music signals. Put a section of disco music, constantly increase the volume of this channel, if you find that the feedback suppressor started working, and seriously affect the sound quality, it proves that this feedback suppressor is not perfect, if we still want Continue to use it, you can only use it to handle the microphone separately, and cannot handle other source signals at the same time.

4. If the feedback suppressor has been adjusted, remember not to press the Reset button during the live performance, as this will cause all the previously set parameters to be cleared and the feedback suppressor to be the original factory state. It is very dangerous, the system is likely to have a strong howling, and in severe cases it will damage the equipment.

5. When the feedback suppressor has automatic and manual working mode selection, if the system has not been debugged, the feedback suppressor can be placed in the manual or locked working mode, which keeps the device. The original parameters in the original, will not change the parameters that have been adjusted because of equipment error detection and mis-starting.



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