The Composition and Characteristics of Mobile Audio System

- Jul 17, 2018-

The so-called mobile audio system is an audio system that is not fixed and used outdoors. It has the same principle as a fixed-mounted audio system, but it has its own particularity in equipment selection, placement, and composition.

1. The system composition of the equipment should be simple, as long as it can meet the requirements of use, as little as possible or not with peripheral systems, such as equalizers, delays, exciters, feedback suppressors; at the same time, there is no need to group sound reinforcement, Generally, the sound can be amplified by two channels, and the speakers such as subwoofer, surround sound, and sound image are eliminated.

2. Equipment should be versatile, compact and strong. For example, the peripheral equipment should choose a multi-functional integrated audio processor. The speaker should choose small, high-power, long-range, and the power amplifier should use the power amplifier of the switching power supply. The number of the mixer should not be too many. Choose a large, versatile mixer.

3. Microphones should also be selected from moving coils or electrets. Wireless microphones with stable quality and high reliability are the first choice.

4. The wire selection should be a cable with a thick wire diameter and a thick protective layer. The connector should also be of a material with a thick and fixed material.

5. As a general small show, configure up to one pair of full-range, one pair of ultra-low, one pair of listeners, and as a general commercial promotion, conference, etc., as long as there is a pair of full-range speakers.

6. The width of the speaker is based on the size of the scene, generally 3-6 meters, and the height is 1-1.5 meters.



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