The Common Used Audio Processing of Human Voice

- Sep 20, 2018-

1. EQ: It is the balance, because the difference between the pickup sound curve of the microphone and the difference of the vocal characteristics of the singer is generally handled according to the actual effect of the recorded vocal. For example, some singers sound too sharp, and some sound very boring. Some nasal sounds are very heavy, and some lip and tooth sounds are very heavy. These are the hearing differences caused by the imbalance of the sound frequencies. EQ can be used to improve the sound signal equalization (increase and decrement) of each frequency band.

2. Exciter: Also called harmonic generator, it can add some random harmonics to certain frequencies in the frequency band. The appropriate excitation will bring the beautifying components to the sound. The difference between the exciter and EQ is: EQ is just adjusting some the strength of the signals in these bands; the exciter is to add new acoustic components in certain frequency bands. Inappropriate stimuli have a destructive effect on the sound, making the sound sound "dirty." So many people often do not do incentive treatment.

3. Compression (pressure limiter): automatically adjusts the dynamic range of the sound level. It's simple to say that you know more quickly: it automatically processes all the sound signals on the time track: when the sound is small, the volume is raised according to the pre-adjusted parameters. When the sound exceeds a certain limit, the sound is pressed. The proportional compression of the pre-set parameters reduces the volume, and the final result is to change the dynamic range of the entire sound track (the difference between the larger volume and the minimum volume), usually the effect of the compressor is to reduce the dynamic range. The pressure-limited sound sounds fuller and more powerful, and the sound-sounding place sounds effortless, and the sound is not too loud.

4. Reverberant: Beautify the sound, let the sound have a sense of space, and the sound is round and transparent.



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