The Common Microphone Accessories in A Recording Studio

- Sep 27, 2018-

1. Spray guard

It is mainly used to remove the singer's sound when the singer sends P or B. The spray guard also helps the singer to control the proper distance between the microphone and the microphone to prevent the proximity effect from occurring.

The blowout preventer's blowout prevention capability is limited. In fact, the position of the microphone and the skill of use are more important for blowout prevention.

The spray guard increases the distance between the singer and the microphone and is very useful for preventing moisture in the saliva and mouth.

Preventing droplets and saliva from splashing onto expensive microphones is an important reason for using a spray guard. The condensed moisture in the singer's breath can cause the microphone to pause.

Many people install the spray guard on the microphone stand through a gooseneck clip. Usually, fixing the spray hood separately to the other microphone stand makes the installation and position setting more convenient and accurate.

2. Shock mount

It is used to prevent transmission noise from the microphone stand, such as footsteps and outdoor car sounds.

Large diaphragm microphones are more sensitive to mechanical noise than small diaphragm microphones. This is why large diaphragm microphones are equipped with shock mounts.



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