The Combination Forms of Sound and Its Functions

- Aug 02, 2018-

(1) Juxtaposition of sound

This combination of sounds is the simultaneous appearance of several sounds, producing a blending effect that is used to represent a scene. Such as the performance of the bus when the bustling and vocal and so on. However, the sounds that are juxtaposed should have the distinction between the primary and the secondary. According to the moderate adjustment of the picture, the most expressive is the main theme.

(2) The shade of the sound

In the same scene, a variety of similar sounds appear side by side, and one sound protrudes above other sounds, causing people to pay attention to certain occurrences.

(3) Acoustic alternating sound

That is, the same sound comes one after another, one after another, for the same action or thing. This regular rhythm of alternating sounds is often used to render the atmosphere of a scene.

(4) Conversion sound alternating

That is, the approximation of the two sounds in tone or rhythm, from one sound to two sounds. If it is converted into rhythmically similar music, it can not only maintain the environmental authenticity caused by the acoustic effect in the audience's impression, but also play the role of music infection. Fully express certain inner emotions. At the same time, due to the approximation of the rhythm, in the process of conversion, it gives people a feeling of one-stop; this transformation effect has a sense of rhythm, easy to remember.

(5) The sound alternates with "silence"

"Silent" is a kind of expression that has positive meaning. In the film, it is usually used as the atmosphere and mood of fear, anxiety, loneliness, silence and the inner blank of the character.



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