The Classification of Recording

- Oct 11, 2018-

1. Live Stereo Recording

This method is most commonly used to capture the integrated sound of the scene and store it in a dual track recorder.

2. Live-Mix Recording

This method is generally used for live broadcast or recording based on a sound reinforcement console. It uses a mixer to mix the microphone signals and record the mixer's output to a two-track recorder.

3. Multitrack recorder and mixer recording

This is a recording that uses several microphones to connect to the mixer, which is then connected to a multi-track hard disk recorder. The signals of each microphone are recorded on their respective tracks, and the recorded signals are mixed by the sound engineer after recording. Once the recording is complete, you can play back all the tracks through the mixing console and mix them with the most satisfactory balance.

4. Independent digital audio workstation (recorder - mixer) recording

This is a combination of a multitrack recorder and a mixer in a portable chassis. This combination is relatively simple, and the recording medium is a hard disk or a flash memory card.

5. Computer-based digital audio workstation recording (Computer DAW)

This is a low cost recording system, including a computer, recording software and a sound card or a set of audio signals to and from the computer's audio interface to record sound on the computer.

6. MIDI sequencing recording

This recording method is performed by a player on a MIDI controller like a piano or a drum machine. The MIDI signal is recorded to the memory through a sequencer or sequence program in the computer. When a MIDI sequence is played back, it causes a sound generator in a synthesizer or sound unit to make a sound. The synthesizer can be either software or hardware. Just like an automatic piano, the MIDI sequence is nothing more than a recorded player's gesture, not an audio signal.



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