The Classification of Lavalier Microphone

- Jul 23, 2018-

The lavalier microphone is divided into a cable lavalier microphone and a wireless lavalier microphone. Currently, the market is mostly wireless. The cable lavalier microphone is mainly suitable for speech, stage performance, TV and radio use. The wireless lavalier microphone can be used for large mobile conferences, recording, public communication, outdoor lectures, lectures and other occasions. The wireless lavalier microphone set mainly includes a miniature lavalier microphone, a bodypack transmitter, and a receiver.

1. Small size and light weight: The microphone with the shape of the collar clip, including the rechargeable battery, is only 20g. It is the smallest and lightest product of the same kind of 2.4G products on the market. There is no dress code for the user, and there is no heavy load for long time use. Easy to carry around, clean and easy to manage.

2. Green and environmental protection: ultra-low wireless transmission power, electromagnetic radiation is only 1/90 of ordinary mobile phones. Avoid the damage caused to the human body in the high-frequency and high-power radio wave environment for a long time, and the veritable "green wireless microphone". The use of a rechargeable lithium battery power supply to avoid environmental damage caused by disposable dry batteries.



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