The Classification of Frequency Divider

- Oct 11, 2018-

There are two main types of frequency dividers: one is the passive crossover, also known as the power divider; the other is the active crossover, also known as the electronic crossover.

1. Passive crossover

The passive crossover is a built-in frequency divider for the speaker. It consists of a capacitor and an inductive filtering network. It is characterized by a crossover network placed between the power amplifier and the speaker. This crossover divides the full-range audio power signal directly from the power amplifier into bass and treble or bass, midrange and treble, and distributes the divided signals to the speakers of each band in different frequency bands. In the full-frequency high, low or high, medium and low-frequency active crossover speakers, the frequency division task is completed by the passive frequency division circuit.

2. Active crossover

The active frequency divider is a device that divides the full-frequency audio weak signal, and is generally composed of an active electronic circuit frequency division system. The frequency division system is located in front of the power amplifier, and the full-frequency audio is weakly divided. The bass, treble or bass, midrange, and treble signals are sent to their respective power amplifiers, and then output by the power amplifier to the bass, treble or bass, midrange, and tweeters. This method is called active crossover. In the case of weak signals, the frequency division can be achieved with a low-power electronic active filter.



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