The Characteristics of the Media Matrix

- Jul 31, 2018-

The central control system Media Matrix and system software package is the main control center of all audio systems. The control system utilizes the DSP processor to connect the mixer, equalizer, distributor, compressor, delayer, and minute. Frequency sensors, distributors and other signal processing, detection and other peripheral devices are all in one, complete all the work from the sound source output to the power amplifier input, and the soft jumper technology is adopted, which can be used for any combination of infinity at any time. The obvious features are:

(1) Many changes in function, convenient regulation

The traditional analog electronic audio equipment combination mode is fixed, and it is not easy to change according to the continuous application changes of the outside world. It can be changed, the time is too long, and it needs professional technical staff to assist. Due to the wide distribution of control equipment, the user has large control space, long maneuvering time and slow response speed, so the cost is high and the regulation is cumbersome. The media matrix system only needs to display a friendly working interface through a computer monitor, so that the user can pay attention to the concentration and easy operation (only the mouse and keyboard are moved). In the preset, only one button can be pressed to perform system conversion and regulation.

 (2) Work adapts to a wide range

When the analog electronic audio peripheral device is adjusted once, it is not easy to change in use. Therefore, every change in the flow, the various requirements of the customer, requires the operator to spend a lot of time and effort to make adjustments, sometimes due to limitations, or even difficult to complete. The equipment selected in this design is controlled by a computer, and various changes can be completed with only a mouse click, and the storage amount is large. The last time, even the parameters of many years ago, can still be retained, so it is very suitable for the needs of customers. No matter who, any program, any flow, as long as the original recorded value is stored, how many years later, the original style can be restored, saving time, effort and adaptability.

 (3) High precision and high signal to noise ratio

Because of the use of digital bus and computer control, the precision of regulation is much higher than that of ordinary analog audio equipment, so the correctness of the control parameters is high, and all the data of various sound reinforcement work can be in the best position. . The sound reproduction equipment and the program source (sound source) are optimized for sound reproduction. Moreover, the use of DSP processing only A / D, D / A conversion, there is no interconnection problem of the general equipment, so there is very little opportunity to introduce noise, not only the connection becomes convenient, but also the signal to noise ratio is much higher.

(4) Convenient connection, good consistency, low transmission failure rate between devices

The various devices in the system are operated by computer, and the DSP processing software jumpers are interconnected, which saves a lot of external connections, not only reduces the system cost, but also greatly improves the system's non-disorder. At the same time, DSP equipment is digital and everyone has a good consistency and complementarity in a unified high-level grade. There is no general analog electronic audio equipment, because of technical level problems, purchase channel issues, fund allocation issues, agent product topics and other factors, resulting in system peripheral equipment performance is uneven, matching is not fair, in the whole system Form a bottleneck, affect the performance of all equipment, and make an investment.

 (5) Small size, light weight and less land occupation

The digital computerized device is small in size and light in weight, so the required space is also small, which can make the control room have a larger flow space, is easy to operate and heat-dissipating, and is also convenient for maintenance.

(6) High technology content, low damage rate, and less interference by human factors

The device can be installed and controlled by the computer control system through the display interface. It is not directly managed by human hands, so the damage rate is reduced to a minimum. It maintains optimal working conditions longer and more efficiently than analog devices. The system can be divided into four control levels. Different levels of technical staff and operators use different passwords to open different control levels and control within their own authority.

(7) With good advanced technology, easy to upgrade, easy to expand

Because the regulation of equipment is mainly controlled by software, in the future, the software can be upgraded by updating the software, and the technology can be kept behind in a long period of time. In addition, many new uses in the future will follow the development of society and are hard to predict today. Therefore, another major advantage of using the system is that in addition to the above-mentioned easy upgrade, there are many channel interfaces, which can follow the development of the society, the change of application requirements, and the improvement of the software to improve, improve and add various functions. The freedom and redundancy of its equipment is large, and it is not necessary to spend large sums of money to purchase new products, as well as old equipment.



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