The Characteristics of Ceramic Horn

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. Ceramic horn has ultra-thin (ceramic speaker thickness 1mm, dynamic speaker thickness 3mm), compact package, ultra-thin shape easy to portable audio products flexible design.

2. Multi-layer ceramic diaphragm through the two-way vibration mode, producing a smooth response frequency, high-quality sound and S.P.L.

3. High electro-acoustic conversion efficiency (dynamic consumption of mobile-type mobile phone speakers at 90db sound pressure is generally 120 mW, under the same conditions, ceramic speakers only 15 mW).

4. The structure is simple, the planar shape structure is easy to fix and mount the speaker in a limited space.

5. The requirements for the sound chamber is low (the size of the back cavity has little effect on the S.P.L of the ceramic horn, the back cavity of the moving horn is necessary, and the acoustic effect of the back cavity is required to improve S.P.L).

6. No magnet material, will not produce inhalation of iron sand.

7. No coil material, will not produce electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation, piezoelectric ceramic materials have anti-electromagnetic interference and flame retardant properties.

8. The amplifier circuit that drives the ceramic horn has different output drive requirements than the dynamic horn. The structure of the piezoelectric speaker requires the amplifier to drive a large capacitive load and output a larger current at a higher frequency while maintaining a high output voltage.



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