The Characteristic Index of Muffler

- Jul 23, 2018-

The insertion loss IL is the difference in the sound pressure machine level before the muffler is installed at the sensitive point, and the unit is dB.

The sound transmission loss TL is the difference between the sound power level incident on the muffler and the sound power level at the exit end of the muffler, and the unit is dB.

The noise reduction amount NR is the sound pressure level difference between the inlet end and the outlet end of the muffler. The unit is dB.

Attenuation A is the reduction in sound power level between any two points in the system of the muffler, in dB/m.

The muffling characteristics of the muffler are affected by the installation conditions (changes in acoustic impedance) of the muffler inlet and outlet, and different successive forms cause different reflections and energy losses. Therefore, the muffling performance is related to the environment and conditions of use. In noise control, the most commonly used evaluation quantity is the insertion loss. Transmission loss is the most difficult to measure, but useful for analysis. Attenuation is commonly used to describe the propagation of sonic ducts in acoustic systems.



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