The Categories of the Expander

- Jul 18, 2018-

The expander has two types of high-level expanders and low-level expanders, and their principles and functions are not the same. The high-level expander is an expander for canceling signal compression. When the signal is less than the threshold, the normal output (expansion ratio is 1:1), when the signal is larger than the threshold, the signal is expanded. The high-level expander can restore the dynamically compressed signal recorded on the tape to the original dynamic range signal during recording. This processing is called decompression. The low level expander is such that when the input signal is expanded above the threshold when the input signal is less than the threshold, the relationship between the output signal and the input signal remains at 1:1, that is, the normal output. The noise gate is made using the principle of the low-level expander. It is a special form of the low-level expander, which requires the expansion ratio of the low-level expander to be :1 or a larger ratio (3:1 above), if the expansion ratio is too small, the low-level expander does not function well as a noise gate.



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