The Categories of Signal Generator

- Aug 13, 2018-

1. Sinusoidal signal generator. It is mainly used to measure the frequency characteristics, nonlinear distortion, gain and sensitivity of circuits and systems. According to its different performances and uses, it can be subdivided into low frequency (20 Hz to 10 MHz) signal generator, high frequency (100 kHz to 300 MHz) signal generator, microwave signal generator, frequency sweep and program control signal generator. Frequency synthesis type signal generator, etc.

2. Function (waveform) signal generator. It can generate certain periodic time function waveforms (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, etc.) with frequencies ranging from a few microhertz to tens of megahertz. In addition to testing for communications, instrumentation and automatic control systems, it is also widely used in other non-electrical measurement fields.

3. Pulse signal generator. A generator produces rectangular pulses of adjustable width, amplitude, and repetition rate that can be used to test the transient response of a linear system or as an analog signal to test the performance of radar, multiplex, and other pulsed digital systems.

4. Random signal generator. It is usually divided into two types: noise signal generator and pseudo-random signal generator. The main purpose of the noise signal generator is to introduce a random signal into the system to be tested to simulate the noise in the actual working conditions to determine the system performance; plus a known noise signal compared with the internal noise of the system to determine the noise figure; use a random signal Instead of sinusoidal or pulsed signals, system dynamics and the like are determined. When the correlation function is measured with a noise signal, if the average measurement time is not long enough, a statistical error will occur, which can be solved by a pseudo-random signal.



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