The Categories of KTV Amplifiers

- Jul 18, 2018-

KTV amplifiers are mainly divided into three categories, including: preamplifiers, postamplifiers, and combined amplifiers. The front stage is used to initially amplify and adjust the volume; the latter stage is to amplify the signal from the previous stage to drive the speaker. Mergers and amplifiers are machines that combine the former and the latter.

The preamplifier can be divided into an active preamplifier and a passive preamplifier. The active front stage uses the power supply to amplify the signal. In addition to adjusting the volume, it also acts as a buffer internal resistance. The passive front stage can only adjust the volume. And the passive front stage is connected to the sound source by a volume switch. Due to the difference between the sound source and the internal resistance of the latter stage, the dynamic, detail and frequency should be completely lost.

The post-amplifier is to amplify the signal from the preamp to the speaker, so the rear stage must be strong enough to push the speaker. However, many people mistakenly believe that the louder the sound, the more powerful it is. This is not enough. The ability is that the latter level has the ability to support the big scene of the orchestra on the premise of retaining details.

Separating the front and rear stages is better than the merger machine. On the one hand, there will be less interference between the two. On the other hand, they each have more space to make more precise. Also, after the separation of the front and rear, the enthusiasts have more choices for the pusher.

In short, the front level is responsible for the volume adjustment, and the latter level is in the auxiliary position.



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