The Brief Introduction of the Recording Studio

- Aug 06, 2018-

The recording studio, also called the recording studio, is a special recording place built by people to create acoustic conditions for a specific recording environment. It is a recording place for recording movies, songs, music, etc. The acoustic characteristics of the studio play an important role on the quality of the recording and its products.

Generally speaking, people can classify the recording studio according to their needs. According to the characteristics of the sound, the recording studio can be divided into a natural reverberation recording studio, a strong sound absorption recording studio, and a quiet end type recording studio. The angle is divided into a dialogue studio, a music studio, an audio studio, a mixed studio, and the like.

The studio is a workshop dedicated to optimizing audio recording. The studio is actually a workshop with much audio recording equipment. During the construction and renovation process, more consideration is given to the acoustic properties of its environment. Generally we use it to record music, music or special sound effects, which is a relatively pure listening environment.

The workstation in the studio is usually a high-performance computer with a high-end multi-channel sound card for collecting audio signals. The microphones in the studio are mostly condenser microphones, which have a wide response range and excellent recording performance. Due to the need for a pure recording environment, we usually install a silencing sponge on the studio wall to absorb sound waves and eliminate the effect of echo on the recording.



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