The Basic Requirements for Recording and Production

- Oct 08, 2018-

In order to record a high-quality program, in addition to requiring the sound engineer to have an artistic and technical level, it is also necessary to select a studio with suitable acoustic characteristics according to the nature of the program, requiring the correct use of various electro-acoustic devices and devices in the electroacoustic system. It is important to properly position the presenter in the studio and position the microphone correctly.

When picking up the sound, the distance between the microphone and the sound source is one of the main factors related to the quality of the recording. The direct intensity of the sound source is weakened as the pickup distance increases, while the reverberation sound intensity is substantially unchanged. It should be noted that when the pickup distance is slightly larger, due to the absorption characteristics of the air, the direct high-frequency component of the pickup point will be attenuated. In order to compensate for the high frequency loss of this pickup, the microphone with a slightly higher frequency should be used or the high frequency of the mixer should be slightly improved. The smaller the pickup distance of the microphone during recording, the more intimate and comfortable the replay will be. Therefore, the same sound source has different pickup distances, which causes the reproduced sound to have a different "atmosphere".

The monitoring system is a professional device for sound recordings and auditors to evaluate the quality and content of broadcast programs through auditory experience. The professional monitoring system should be able to simulate the final playback effect of the program as much as possible for the sound engineer and the auditor to correctly judge the final artistic effect of the program. Moreover, the monitoring system should faithfully reflect the quality of the broadcast program, expose the defects of the program quality, and make it easy for the sound engineer and the auditor to find out the problems of the program quality, so as to take corresponding remedial measures. Therefore, this type of monitoring system is significantly different from the listening speaker system.



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