The Basic Form of Multifunctional Hall Sound System

- Jul 13, 2018-

1. The independent system form

The versatile audio equipment includes two sets of stage sound reinforcement and movie stereo. The two systems are independent and unrelated. The advantages of the independent system form are: each system is independently designed, installed, and adjusted to the best technical state; each system can be independently standardized operation, use and maintenance; this is the state of most engineering technology; each system can be independently standardized Operation, use and maintenance; this is the form that most engineers and technicians use for multi-purpose halls. Independent systems are composed independently, the number of devices is relatively large, and the amount of funds set by the system is relatively large; the usage rate of the equipment is relatively low; there may be contradictions in the installation location of the two system devices. In addition, due to the low usage rate of the equipment, there may be cases where the power is not supplied for a long time, and in a humid environment of mildew rain, the fault is easily generated, which is unfavorable for the maintenance of the equipment.

2. The compatible system form

The compatible system form is to use the stage sound reinforcement function and the movie stereo sound reproduction function to be compatible with one system. In compatible systems, a considerable number of devices are used in both stage sound reinforcement and movie stereo functions. The number of equipment is relatively small, making it possible to allocate more high-end equipment and larger power headroom. As long as the design is good, the compatible system can well meet the various technical requirements of the two functions of the stage sound reinforcement and the film stereo sound. Due to the relatively high usage rate of the compatible system, it is beneficial to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment and to reduce the system failure rate. The main disadvantages of compatible systems are: Because a considerable part of the equipment in the system has to be used for two functions with different technical requirements, the technical requirements of the system in design, installation and commissioning are relatively high; otherwise it is impossible to satisfy both uses at the same time. The technical requirements of the function; the installation of the equipment and the decoration of the hall must be closely coordinated to achieve the technical requirements and affect the decoration of the hall; the use of the system needs to be switched according to different functions, so the user is required to be more careful in the operation.



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