The Application of Floating Ground Technology

- Aug 13, 2018-

1. AC power ground is separated from DC power ground.

Generally, the neutral line of the AC power supply is grounded. However, due to the presence of the grounding resistance and the current flowing there through, the zero line potential of the power supply is not zero potential of the earth. In addition, there are often many interferences on the neutral line of the AC power supply. If the AC power ground is not separated from the DC power ground, it will affect the normal operation of the DC power supply and subsequent DC circuits. Therefore, by using a floating technology that separates the AC power ground from the DC power ground, interference from the AC power ground can be isolated.

2. The floating ground technology of amplifier

For amplifiers, especially for small input signals and high gain amplifiers, any small interfering signals at the input can cause abnormal operation. Therefore, the floating technology of the amplifier can block the entry of the interference signal and improve the electromagnetic compatibility of the amplifier.



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