The Application of Central Control System

- Jul 18, 2018-

A standard multimedia conference room should at least include computer systems, projection display systems, A/V systems, and room environment systems. Computer systems include desktops, laptops, servers, etc. for teaching, training, presentation, and control. The projection display system is composed of a projector, a video display stand, a projection screen, etc., and displays a large screen display of graphic information such as a still picture or an active video. The A/V system completes the acquisition, playback and switching of video and audio signals, mainly including camera devices (such as cameras), display devices (such as televisions, monitors), sound-transmitting devices (such as wired microphones, wireless microphones), and sound reinforcement devices (such as amplifiers, speakers, mixers, playback devices (such as DVDs, VCRs, decks), signal switching devices (such as video and audio matrix). The room environment system mainly refers to the adjustable lighting of the room (such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps) and electric curtains, etc., to complete the changes to the entire room environment and atmosphere to meet the current needs.

1. The control of projection display system

By controlling the host's RS232 serial port, it can control all functions of the projector, such as on/off and input switching of video images and computer images, and automatically realize the associated actions. For example, when the system is turned off, the projector is automatically turned off.

Through the electric relay, the electric hanger and the screen can be controlled to rise, fall, and stop, and the related actions can be automatically realized. For example, when the projector is turned on, the electric hanger and the screen are automatically lowered, and the electric hanger and the screen automatically rise when the projector is opened. .

The video preview function of the control terminal can be used to confirm that the played video image is the desired video image before the video is projected to the screen via the projector.

2. The control of A/V system

Control the switching of the video matrix by controlling the RS232 serial port of the host, and select the desired image output to the projector.

Control the host's infrared control port and infrared emitter to control all actions of the DVD and other devices, such as play, pause, stop, etc., and automatically switch the image of the DVD to the projector, the projector automatically selects the video input, automatically the sound of the DVD is switched to the amplifier.

Control the output volume of the amplifier through the volume control.

3. The control of the room environment system

Through the strong electric relay, the switch of the fluorescent lamp can be controlled, and various lighting mode presets (such as conference mode, A/V mode, training mode, etc.) can be performed, so that the lighting meets various application requirements.

Through the strong electric relay, the opening/closing of the curtain is controlled to meet the needs of various applications.

The power supply of the projector and A/V equipment is controlled by a strong electric relay to realize automatic and energy-saving management of the power supply. Some products can also better protect the device. For example, the system will reserve enough time for the projector to dissipate heat after the projector is turned off, and then automatically disconnect the projector from the power supply.



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