The Analysis of the Studio Reverberation Time Setting

- Sep 25, 2018-

Language studio:

In the reverberation time of the language recording studio, countries adopt a flat frequency characteristic curve in the range of 125 to 4000 Hz and about 0.3 seconds. In China, the frequency characteristic curve in the range of 100 to 4000 Hz, 0.3 to 0.4 seconds is used, or the frequency characteristic curve of 0.4 seconds is adopted. Appropriately increase the absorption of low frequencies and shorten the reverberation time to reduce or eliminate the hum of the studio.

Music studio:

The music studio should select the appropriate reverberation time and frequency characteristics according to different content. Experience has shown that when recording classical music, you must use mono or stereo two-channel recording in a natural reverberant studio for beautiful sound quality. When recording modern music, it is advisable to use multi-channel recording mode to adjust the volume and sound quality by shunting; shunt plus reverberation time and split recording, which is convenient for post processing. In order to ensure that each channel performs the above adjustments without affecting other channels, the reverberation time of the studio must be short, and screen isolation is also required.

For strong sounds or weak music instruments, such as percussion instruments and pianos, in order to meet the sound insulation requirements, they can be recorded in small recording studios with strong sound insulation and short reverberation time. The frequency characteristics of these instruments should be as straight as possible, as shortening the low frequency reverberation time is necessary to ensure low frequency isolation.

In order to meet the above two types of recording process requirements, two different sound quality recording studios can be designed; a recording studio can also be designed, but the characteristics of the indoor sound absorption structure must be changed, and the reverberation time and frequency characteristics must be large adjustment of the amplitude. The music recording control room, the listening room, etc. must adjust or evaluate the sound quality according to the sound quality monitored. The reverberation time can be in the range of 63 to 6300 Hz, and the linear frequency characteristic curve of about 0.3 seconds is used.

Television studio:

Television studios (including those for playing cultural programs and e-education programs) are far away from the broadcasters, have high indoor background noise and often simulate various work and living environments, so they use shorter reverberation time.



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