The Analysis of Public Address System

- Jul 31, 2018-

Public broadcasting systems play a vital role in our lives, especially in modern enterprises and government departments, where public broadcasting systems are particularly common. This article focuses on constant-pressure public broadcasting. The so-called constant pressure public address system refers to a broadcast system in which a front-end broadcast power amplifier uses a constant-voltage broadcast power amplifier to amplify audio power through a wire to a speaker. The most basic structure of such a public address system is: sound source - power amplifier - speaker. Depending on the functional requirements, the main control unit and peripheral devices can be added at the front end. The main functions of the main control unit are automatic audio output control of the sound source, power management of peripheral devices and power amplifiers, and partition management of the line output area. Of course, such partition control must be based on the physical partition of the line. The functions of peripheral devices are auxiliary functions, such as timing management of power supply, automatic detection switching of active and standby power amplifiers, and so on.

Its main advantages are: high transmission stability, low failure rate, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The disadvantage is that the area selection must be the physical partition of the line, and it is unable to meet the higher requirements for the control of a single broadcast point; a single line can only transmit a single program source, and cannot achieve real-time single-point transmission of multiple program sources.

With the development of public broadcasting, there are fewer applications using constant pressure public broadcasting, so when choosing, you can try to understand other broadcasting systems and choose according to your own needs.



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