The Advantages of Using Audio Processors Properly

- Jul 17, 2018-

Using the audio processor, in addition to the advantages of lowering the peak level, increasing the average modulation, and increasing the sideband power to increase the loudness, there are four advantages:

1. Can solve the problem of large difference in program level caused by recording, exchange, different program content and using different recording and playback devices, which is difficult to solve manually when manually adjusting the program level.

2. Created conditions for establishing a volume balance between language programs and music programs.

3. A certain amount of amplification of the weak signal at the low tide of the program can be performed so as not to be submerged by the noise component. Usually, the level of the treble component in the program is low, and after processing, the amount can be improved. The high-frequency component not only determines the clarity of the program, but also has a mental and physiological complex relationship with the loudness, due to the clarity. Improve, so that the audience feels louder.

4. Stereo broadcast, which covers half of the mono broadcast with the same power level as the transmission state of the same power level. After using the audio processor, it is possible to make the receiving carrier field strength slightly lower than the required position due to the increase of the sideband wave power. Received higher quality signals and expanded coverage.



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