The Advantages of the Family Background Music System

- Jul 17, 2018-

1. Can be wired in multiple rooms, through a host, each room corresponding control panel, you can independent and flexible operating system, let music radiate to the entire home space, to the maximum extent of breaking the space limit.

2. Background music provides a relaxed, pleasant and beautiful music environment, to meet the needs of people who love music and pursue high quality of life.

3. Its main function is to relax and integrate music into the home life, providing a quiet and warm living atmosphere.

4. The degree of intelligence is better, each room independently controls the sound source and sound, do not interfere with each other, personalization is stronger, to meet the different needs of family music.

5. Rich audio source, can output DVD, TV, satellite, computer, radio, MP3 and other audio sources to meet the family's demand for a variety of music.

6. The new concept product that is rapidly emerging is part of modern home decoration, reflecting fashion life and highlighting noble status.

7. The use rate is high, almost every day.



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