The Advantages of Independent Amplifier Speaker

- Aug 16, 2018-

In the field of multimedia speakers, the concept of independent power amplifier first appeared in 2002. After a period of market cultivation, in 2005 and 2006, the new design idea of this multimedia speaker has been widely recognized by consumers. Large speaker manufacturers have also introduced a new 2.1 speaker with independent power amplifier design, which has set off a wave of "independent power amplifier" rush. In fact, from the sound quality of the speaker, it will not be greatly improved by the design of the independent power amplifier. The independent power amplifier can only effectively reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference on the sound quality, and is not enough to cause a considerable improvement in sound quality. Despite this, the independent amplifier design still has many advantages that ordinary 2.1 multimedia speakers do not have:

First of all, the independent power amplifier can achieve better heat dissipation because it has no built-in volume limitation. Ordinary built-in amplifier speakers, because they are sealed in a wooden box with poor heat conduction, can only dissipate heat through the convection of the inverter tube. For an independent power amplifier, although the power amplifier circuit is also enclosed in a box, since the power amplifier box is not like a speaker and has no sealing requirements, a large number of heat dissipation holes can be opened at the position of the heat generating component, so that heat can pass through natural convection. Dissipate quickly. This is especially important for high power amplifiers.

Secondly, from the aspect of power amplifier, independent power amplifier is beneficial to the design of the circuit. Ordinary speakers For the sake of volume, stability and many other factors, the design of the circuit is very compact, and it is difficult to optimize the circuit arrangement. The independent power amplifier, because it has an independent power amplifier box, has sufficient space, so the circuit design can all proceed from the needs of electrical design, without interference from objective factors. Independent power amplifiers are beneficial for the stability of the circuit.

Again, the speaker of the built-in amplifier, because the air in the box is in the unstopping vibration, causes the PCB version of the power amplifier and the electronic components to resonate, and the vibration of components such as capacitors will be played back into the sound, thereby causing noise. In addition, the speaker will also have an electromagnetic effect. Even a fully anti-magnetic speaker will inevitably leak magnetic phenomenon, especially for a large woofer. The influence of the magnetic leakage of electronic components such as circuit boards and ICs can interfere with the current in the circuit, thereby generating a disturbing current sound.

In addition, the speaker designed by the independent power amplifier has a large degree of liberation of the placement position of the low-speaker due to the use of the control of the power amplifier box, saving valuable desktop space.



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