The Advantages of Coaxial Speakers

- Mar 07, 2019-

The so-called coaxial speaker is a coaxial speaker unit to replace the general 2-way speaker. The coaxial speaker unit uses a transducing technology that places the treble drive assembly and the bass drive assembly on the same axis.

We know that with the current speaker transducing principle, the general drive components include diaphragm, magnetic steel, magnetic circuit design, voice coil material, etc. It is difficult to simultaneously satisfy the sound reduction of the entire audio range, so there is a suitable high frequency. The high-frequency speaker unit (or the treble head) for signal reduction is suitable for the woofer unit of low-frequency signal reduction, and some also have the IF speaker unit. The speaker units of these different frequency bands are responsible for each other and are combined in a box. It is better to restore the sound of the entire audio range, which has become a widely used 2-way or 3-way speaker.

Most modern cinemas use 5.1/7.1 or multi-channel immersive surround sound system, which puts higher requirements on the positioning of sound image. The coaxial speaker is an ideal point source compared to other ordinary 2 points. The frequency and 3-way speakers have the advantages of high fidelity, and can improve the sound quality while being synchronized with the picture, providing fine positioning and smooth movement of the sound image, which is more popular and more widely adopted.

Coaxial Speakers

Indeed, the coaxial unit speaker is proposed after people have high requirements on sound quality, so we apply more in the field of HI-FI. In the case of the continuous development of cinema sound technology, people also have the experience of watching the movie. Correspondingly, the advantages of coaxial speakers have been revealed, and we will have a clear feeling after comparison.

Of course, the coaxial unit technology is still developing constantly, mainly due to limitations in materials and processes. The manufacturing of high-power units also has bottlenecks. The applications in the theater are mainly small and medium-power surround sound boxes, and the main screen. The speaker has not yet adopted coaxial technology. I believe that with the improvement of technology, technology, materials, etc., these problems will be solved.



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