The Advantages of Active Speakers

- Sep 10, 2018-

Active speakers are usually referred to as speakers with power amplifiers, such as multimedia computer speakers, active subwoofers, and some new home theater active speakers.

The advantages of active speakers

Advantage 1: no amplifier, simple system

One of the big advantages of active speakers is that you don't have to connect a power amplifier. You can play songs by entering audio. It is best for friends who want a simpler sound system. Just the "player" and "speaker" can already form a complete system.

Advantage 2: save space

In addition, since the active speakers do not need to be connected to the amplifier, it saves a lot of space for the equipment, which is very suitable for CAS systems that are very popular in recent years, or desktop audio systems.

Advantage 3: complete support, sound quality has "guarantee"

Since the speaker itself already has a complete drive circuit and is equipped with a digital interface for decoding, splitting and input, the sound of the active speakers will be more "stable", unlike passive speakers that are more affected by wires and amplifiers.



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