The Advantages and Disadvantages of USB Speakers

- Jul 17, 2018-

What are the advantages of USB speakers? First, since the USB speaker directly sends digital signals from the USB port to the speaker, it can effectively improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the sound signal. Second, because the signal received by the ordinary speaker is transmitted by the sound card. The analog signal is extremely susceptible to interference, and the USB speaker can make the analog signal output from the sound card immune to electromagnetic interference from the chassis, so that the sound is purer and clearer. Third, the USB audio device can also be processed by the CPU to take advantage of its bandwidth to achieve sound playback of multi-channel surround sound systems (but with the USB 2.0 specification).

Let’s talk about the shortcomings of USB speakers. First, because there are no USB ports on many old-fashioned motherboards, many users can't use USB speakers. Second, USB speakers can't support games under DOS, only support Direct Sound 3D sound effects; Third, for A3D, EAX and so on need to use hardware chips to synthesize the sound effects of the sound, USB speakers cannot support, which is undoubtedly a great regret for game fans; Fourth, USB speakers cannot achieve hardware wavetable synthesis, so users can not use it to listen MIDI; Fifth, when there are multiple tasks in the system and a large amount of data bus is occupied, the USB speakers will not sound properly.



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